Analysis Packages

  Package A Package B Package C
Analysis Package Premier: Interactive Web Maps, Vulnerability Report, Images, Shapefile, and Factor Score Data Advanced: Interactive Web Maps, Vulnerability Report, Images, and Shapefile (no data file) Basic: Factor Score Data Only
3 and 5-Class Colored Interactive Web Maps
Provides insight into the vulnerability of the geographic area selected at the tract level through visual display of two different colored maps (3 and 5-class) with drill down capability to view the socioeconomic variable values by tract and the primary factors per tract affecting the Principle Component Analysis (PCA).
  Vulnerability Report
PDF report file that provides a high level description of the scientific model selected to run the vulnerability assessment, the 3 and 5-class colored images rendered, Factor and Variance Summary from the PCA analysis, and Descriptive Statistics for the area selected.
  3 and 5-Class Colored Images
Individual PNG files are provided in both 3 and 5-class color schemes to reflect the vulnerability of each tract in the geographic area selected.
Shapefile for offline use in your GIS tool of choice.
  Factor Score Data File
Excel file containing the factor scores, overall model score, and the 3 and 5-class values used to render each map, by tract/GEOID.



Take a look at the following examples of what is available within an analysis package: