Area of Interest FAQ

  What do the various areas of interest represent?

View the Areas of Interest table to see a breakdown.

  Why do I see maps and outputs that show more than my area of interest?

If your area of interest has < 100 features (census tracts, zip codes, counties, etc.) the SoVI model will expand to include outside census tracts for the model to run appropriately. The resulting online map and report may show some of these outside features but the maps will be zoomed into your area of interest.

User-Provided Shapefile FAQ

  How large can my shapefile be?

User provided shapefiles are meant to cover smaller areas than a single state. Please contact our helpline if your Area of Interest is larger than a state and cannot be selected using the available geographies.

  How complex can my shapefile be?

This tool will run most efficiently with simplified shapes. Please dissolve your shape down to a single feature polygon. Additionally, please remove any extra fields beyond the FID, shape, Shape_Length, Shape_Area, and one “Unique_ID” field before zipping to send. Extra fields will potentially cause the system problems in completing your request.

  How do I upload my shapefile?

Zip all components of the shapefile and upload .zip file. Failure to zip all shapefile components will cause SoVI run to fail.