Model Variables Listing

Variables for Social Vulnerability Index (SoVI®)
Name Description 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
MDGRENT Median Gross Rent
MDHSEVAL Median Housing Value
MEDAGE Median Age
PERCAP Per Capita Income
PPUNIT People per Unit
QAGEDEP Percent Population under 5 years or 65 and over
QASIAN Percent Asian
QBLACK Percent Black
QCVLUN Percent Civilian Unemployment
QED12LES Percent with Less than 12th Grade Education
QESL Percent Speaking English as a Second Language with Limited English Proficiency
QEXTRCT Percent Employment in Extractive Industries
QFAM Percent of Children Living in 2-parent families
QFEMALE Percent Female
QFEMLBR Percent Female Participation in Labor Force
QFHH Percent Female Headed Households
QHISP Percent Hispanic
QHSEBURDEN Percent of households spending more than 40% of their income on housing costs        
QMOHO Percent Mobile Homes
QNATAM Percent Native American
QNOAUTO Percent of Housing Units with No Car
QNRRES Nursing Home Residents Per Capita
QPOVTY Percent Poverty
QRENTER Percent Renters
QRICH200K Percent Households Earning over $200,000 annually
QSERV Percent Employment in Service Industry
QSSBEN Percent Households Receiving Social Security Benefits
QUNINSURED Percent of population without health insurance        
QUNOCCHU Percent Unoccupied Housing Units