Social Vulnerability Models

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Defines Vulnerability As Social vulnerability refers to the socio-econmic factors driving uneven capacity for hazard/disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. It highlights where resources might be used most effectively to minimize adverse disaster outcomes. Vulnerability is the potential for loss of property or life from environmental. Social vulnerability refers to social groups and landscapes that have the potential for loss from environmental hazards events. Social vulnerability refers to the resilience of communities when confronted by external stresses on human health, stresses such as natural or human-caused disasters, or disease outbreaks.
Literature Basis
2003 - Social Vulnerability to Environmental Hazards Cutter et al. 2000 - Revealing the Vulnerability of People and Places 2011 - A Social Vulnerability Index for Emergency Managers and Planners
Number of Citations
More than 3,750 academic citations More than 1,300 academic citations Fewer than 300 academic citations
Number of Variables in Model
29 variables selected from a deep dive into disasters literature 9 variables selected from literature 15 variables selected from previous models and literature
Type of Model
Inductive -  typically begin with more than twenty variables, which are reduced to a smaller number of latent variables using principal components analysis and aggregated to compute the index. Deductive - consist of up to ten normalized variables that are assembled to compute the index.  Hierarchical - Using a use a greater number of indicators that are grouped into thematic subindexes, which are then combined to form the index.
Indicator Measurement
Place Specific.  Because vulnerability is highly dependent on where you live SoVI is relative to only those places modeled.  Not cross comparative. Not place specific.  Absolute differences between places and scores can be compared.  Not place specific.  Absolute differences between places and scores can be compared. 
Who Uses for Decision Making
See SoVI® Publications   See SVI Publications
National Use
FEMA's forthcoming National Risk Index   National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network